Monday, April 24, 2017

Little Style

Happy Monday :) currently eating this guacamole dip and catching up on Scandal from weeks ago and Adie is serving me cookies with butter, tuna fish and italian salad dressing. She told me it was a pleasure having me and her name is #3 ... dying! It definitely feels like Monday with cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. We put Aden down for his nap but instead he grabbed the wipes and pulled every single one out and threw them all over his room so now him and Adie are running through the house! 

I cannot get over the bomber jacket style right now and want to wear them literally every day! Target is so perfect right now for my little people's style ... jackets, skirts and simple tees are my favorite! The Cat and Jack collection will always take my money, always! The bomber jacket style right now is so my style and I am making it my kids too! Ha! Literally in love with all of it, which I still need to make my way back to Zara in LA for the best cactus one for Adie :) Aden looks the cutest in his little bomber jacket and I love the color, pretty much goes with everything! Its perfect for spring and those sometimes chilly summer nights. When I first saw these pants from Lot801 I was obsessed and didn't think twice before buying them! Perfect little So'Cali pants and I bought them in a size two. Even his shoes are Cat and Jack which for twenty dollars for kids shoes it was an easy buy. He is growing and I swear I buy shoes nonstop or try and shove his feet into ones that I swear still fit. 

Adie's outfit is from Target (love that) and same thing, the minute I saw it I knew we had to have it! It's so girly and perfect for my little girl who loves flowers and skirts. She's so into picking her own outfits out down to which bow she will wear with it. Her style is anything goes with anything if it has the same color. I love her little jacket, its that quilted texture and the flowers are perfect. With growing baby babes you cannot beat the price tag of Target and we love any excuse to make a Target trip! Love their little styles so much! Everyone tells me my little people look just like Eric and I love it, I just tell them they get their style from me! :) Looking forward to Friday for another adventure! I am thinking either LA or driving down to the Joshua Trees and pack a little picnic, so fun! -XO!

Adie: jacket | tee | skirt | shoes similar here | bow and then Aden: jacket | tee | pants | sneakers

Friday, April 21, 2017

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens

This morning (TGIF) I woke with that let's be a fun mom today attitude, actually got dressed and brushed my fingers through my hair and told my little babes lets go on an adventure. It can start being our Friday thing ... being adventurous! :) We made it out the door before nine o'clock, a drive thru breakfast #minipancakes and googled our way to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens. The lady who gave us our map was stinking so friendly and I just love people like that. The minute we started on the pebbled trail you could smell the flowers. Aden was either a stage five clinger or running full speed yelling, "hurry! hurry Mama!" Eighty three acres of California everything! Flowers, cactus, trees you name it! We stopped off at a bench because Aden wanted an orange, but didn't eat any of it and all Adie wanted to see was the gift shop she kept calling the mall. At this point I probably called their names a few hundred times, I was getting sweaty and Adie still wanted to go to the mall. I convinced them to take a self timer selfie which came out blurry but you totally get the picture! One of my favorite things we saw was a caterpillar. It was the hairiest thing and Aden wanted to keep touching it. We saw one quick snake which brought almost a full on meltdown from Adie but we both braved walking past it. Squirrels and lizards rustled through the bushes and trees; at least that's what I told the little people every time they asked, "what's that?" The little baby turtle was the cutest and Aden's tank top is killing me! His little skinny tan arms! :) This place is so beautiful and I couldn't get over the scenery! 

Looking forward to the weekend, trying to convince Eric to go to LA tomorrow :) 

Happy weekending! #finally

Monday, April 10, 2017

RITZ Two Ways

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#RITZpiration #CollectiveBias

This super simple recipe is a spin on your classic turkey sandwiches. Instead of bread, I used RITZ Crackers! Using fresh cilantro makes it perfect for Springtime entertaining ... we are big snack eaters at our house with the nonstop laundry, chasing my two little people and keeping up with California :) so these quick and simple recipes are ideal and we cannot get enough. #RITZpiration Grab your RITZ crackers at Walmart, along with turkey, cilantro, your favorite shredded cheese and don't forget the bacon. Put the turkey, cilantro and bacon (separately) in the chopper, pulse to get the desired chopped pieces to add to your RITZ crackers. I started with turkey, added the cilantro, sprinkled a mexican blend shredded cheese and bacon I cooked in the microwave. These easy RITZ sandwiches make the perfect snack for any occasion especially those Monday afternoons, your midweek play-dates and the hungry hour before dinner when your little people just need to eat.

Another favorite for your RITZ crackers is peanut butter. We love a spoonful but to change things up a little, add them to your crackers and shave chocolate for those nights catching up on your favorite shows. Currently binge watching Cedar Cove (seriously) on Netflix and Eric thinks I am so weird but it sucks you in and I can't stop. Or just anytime you want an easy, fresh snack RITZ is partnering with Peter Pan Peanut Butter to do in-store demos at Walmart on April 15 - if you can make it you will also get a coupon and a chance to win a Walmart gift card or a free box of RITZ Crackers. This demo is in partnership with Peter Pan® Creamy Peanut Butter. Fresh Stacks make snacking and recipes on-the-go even easier and we are hooked. My little preschooler loves them in her lunch with salami and cheese, the perfect lunchable for the hungry. :)

Don't forget to head to your local Walmart for your chance to spin the wheel on the social hub and find more RITZpiration recipe inspiration. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Aden Today

California is grey skies, a cool breeze that make the palm trees sway and spring is popping up everywhere. We have determined that Aden is our wild one :) my handsome wild boy! When I found out I was pregnant with Aden (a boy) I was kind of bummed because my heart was so set on another girl ... and my heart hurts still for even feeling that way because just look at him! He is everything our little family needed and I cannot love him enough! When we moved to California he was six months old and California looks good on him! He has the blondest hair, tannest skin and he just loves life, but mostly cars. It is a must that cars be with him wherever he goes, at breakfast he makes sure his cars are spread out on the table and in between crash, vroom vroom, he eats. He grabs a car or two for each hand when we take Adie to school or go anywhere in the car. He tells me to put some in my purse and totally remembers they are in there days later ... so weird! He now wants to know the color of every car we pass when we go for walks in the neighborhood and it sounds something like this, "Mama, car! Color Mama car! Color, fast, car fast Mama! It literally either makes you crazy or its the best thing ever. Lunch and dinner are the same, cars and he lines them all out and says, "traffic, Mama traffic!" He is car obsessed!

He is wild and full of energy, like non stop eating snacks, playing with cars, chasing Adie and wanting orange juice. Yogurt is his love language :) which I totally Googled, how much is too much yogurt for a toddler and he loves to read. We usually do our reading when he wakes up, he will grab a book and say, "read it" as he backs up into your lap! He rips out pages, throws them across the room and will sit there and read them to his teddy bear. He loves to be outside, his favorite thing to do is go on walks. That's where he gets to be adventurous, he will hunt down flowers, grab dandelions and almost eat them while he's trying to blow them for wishes and his car obsession continues. A little over half way he will want you to pick him up and carry him until we are almost home then wants down so he can run home and yells, "I'm home, I win!"

If you open your arms to him he will run into them for the best hugs and I can't even handle the way he says, "wuv you!" He says it so soft and sweet my Mama heart literally burst every. single. time. He loves to play hide n' seek, which he will go up to a wall/tree and count one, two, six and seven ... I come and loves when you give him hints of where Adie or Daddy are. He loves his sister and you can see it every day. He will follow her around, laugh with her and tell her no when she wants his cars. He says the last word you say when he's around you, he talks nonstop and it really is the best. He is into playing peek-a-boo and dances when the right song comes on and we all laugh. I love his little wild guts and I feel like one lucky Mama (most days) to be able to squeeze them whenever I want and not miss anything! Being here when they both need me the most is what I was meant to do! I think they are the only two things I am doing right, which not everyone agrees but I sure do! :) 

I never knew how much I could love you! You have completely taken over my whole heart and I love you more and more every day my Aden babes! XO!