Monday, June 26, 2017

My go to for Momlife

Happy Monday babes! We're coming off a party hangover and I can't wait to share Adie's little watermelon birthday party with you! I almost dyed watching ten little people have a watermelon eating contest! :) Mondays for me usually mean getting stuff done for the week like grocery shopping, getting the house clean and taking a much needed nap. Running errands with little people looks like this: chasing Aden through the parking lot because he wants to walk now, making sure both of my little people are holding onto the cart which literally makes me sweat, putting back the candy + whatever else ends up in the cart without them seeing, and making it back into the car and putting the cart back is like taking a zumba class! So being comfortable is what works for my wardrobe!

I usually live in my sweats since I am home 80% of the time even when its hot outside and Eric will never understand! But a couple of my go to outfits are still fashionable while being comfortable. I will always love a black and white outfit with a spunky shoe. These black joggers have replaced my sweats and are the most comfortable pants ever! Soft, breathable and you can dress them up with a pair of heels. I have lived in these since I got them + I still love my sweats but these are slowly replacing them. I love a good shoe, sandal, and wedge but these silky slide sandals are my new favorite! Turns any outfit into thee outfit to wear! Having style while being a Mama is easy when you have a few staple pieces, a white tee, high-waisted leggings and platform shoes! The stolen nights white tee is beyond soft and I love the fit! It's flowy or tie it in a knot and pair it with your favorite jeans for a fun date night look! The pink pom pom platforms are one of the comfiest, spunky and fashionable shoes I have ever owned and I wear them non-stop and always get compliments! Seriously a must for this season and they are on sale! :) Busy doesn't have to be in sweats and an old tee you've worn for three days straight! Nothing makes our days go better than when I actually wake up and get ready and these styles are so simple and perfect to get going! Definitely some of my go to's for that mom life!

 sunglases | top | c/o joggers | sandals | bag

c/o top | pants | pom pom sneakers (on sale)

Happy shopping guys and who else is excited for the Nordstrom anniversary sale!!?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Black and White with Tobi

Happy hump day people! Hotter than crap these days and we're almost ready for a little sweet birthday party this weekend! Birthdays are my favorite ever ... especially my two little babes. Watermelon all weekend long and hopefully a pair of high heels for the birthday girl ;) its literally all she wants! She wants to go shoe shopping daily, buy new nail polish because all I have is every shade of pink and she's been sneaking her party candy for her and Aden. We're so excited!

Here's to getting over wearing hot pants in a hundred degree weather, having my Hubby take these pictures and not listening to myself because these leggings are totally worth it! Perfect for date night, a fun night out with the girls or even dancing to your favorite Michael Jackson song with your four  almost five year old! You really don’t need any excuse to treat yourself to something new. It’s your right as an it-girl to buy lotsa cute things! So don’t hold back! -TOBI the perfect it-girl store in LA and the best part is that they are constantly getting new arrivals so you can stay on top of the trends. These draw the lines black leggings are the perfect pair to stay comfy but chic paired with sneakers to chase your little people around. Loving the trends right now ... bell sleeves, platforms and even the bomber jackets ... dying! Head over to because you are an it-girl and summer is officially here! HOT! -XO

Monday, June 19, 2017

Birthday Wishlist for (little) Her

Adie is my little sugar and I can never get enough! She is filled with imagination that makes you giggle, her ability to write a song in a second is complete rockstar material and she really loves with her whole little almost five-year-old self! Getting ready for her birthday party this year has me driving down memory lane and my Mama heart can't take it. She has literally grown up so fast and she's so college girl. She has become my favorite girl to take shopping and eat chocolate cake! She saves the whipped cream for me! :) She is so shoe obsessed right now and even more so she insists on heels. Watching her shop Nordstrom is at the top of the list for the best time. 

She is so into books and its so fun reading new stories before bedtime. She still occasionally requests I read them in a funny voice and it takes us a good half hour to get through a story. But we are always on the hunt for new stories and can't wait tog row her library. Plus the pink book caddy is a must for her room to stack all of her favorites. Swimming is one of her favorite things to do and every year its a must for a new suit and her little 4th of July suit we grabbed down in Pasadena is the cutest ever. So looking forward to spending the holiday with family! But that black and white ruffle off the shoulder suit has me dreaming of beach vacation where all we do is sunshine and ice cream! I am drooling over those roller skates for her big day! She has been asking for some since we went last Christmas and I just know she will practice and practice until she is skating down the street and we're all chasing her! Nothing is cuter than that watermelon throw pillow! A summer must and a fun reminder of her birthday celebration since this year her final decision is a watermelon party!

Looking froward to her big wish this weekend as we celebrate everything about her!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Minute for Father's Day + Five things About Eric as a Dad

Father's Day weekend ... already! I cannot believe we are in the middle of June already and in two weeks I will have a five year old! This weekend our plans involve the pool, a little BBQ, hopefully a nap or two and spending every minute with our guy. I don't give our main squeeze enough credit ... he works (like forever hours) so I don't have to! #lucky ... it's California too! He only wants us to be happy and how freaking awesome is that! He lives for summer nights right before the sun goes down with homemade strawberry lemonade ... He's good at supporting my Dr. Pepper habit, like too good! :) He is one of the most positive people I have ever met and so much more laid back than I will ever be. I have always said since I've met him that he makes me a better me. 

A few of my favorite Eric as a Daddy moments:

I love watching him love on our babies! He always tells Adie the story of when she was born that he held her first, rubbed her little cheek and she stopped crying. + I held Aden first and he's always going to be my little man! :)

He is always getting our two little people to try new things. Between his famous grilled pineapple or jumping off the edge of the pool, we're all trying something new. Windows down, sunroof open and a few past the speed limit always makes them giggle!

He makes our two little babes think ... if its because they need to learn something or how we treat others, it's always a teaching moment! Literally my best parenting advice :) ha! He does the same for me and he's always (usually) right! It's the worst ha ha! + giving our kids two choices for whatever we need to tackle and overcome is totally winning in our home.

Watching Eric and Adie bond playing video games is the sweetest thing ever. I secretly hope this never ends ... especially when she is a teenager because she tells him everything! 

Aden just loves the crap out of Eric. He is always so excited to see him when he gets home from work! Which as a parent is the best thing ever :) + their love for fast cars will always be something they share.

Happy (early) Father's Day babes! I freaking love your guts! XO

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pop Of Pink

Happy almost Friday ... which the days blend together for me and I finally bought a new planner so I can remember the important stuff! Which Adie has changed her mind (again) on what she wants her party to be and I am stressing (like always) to get her invitations out in the mail. So they will be sent out this weekend and we will be celebrating her big day in a few weeks ... she's so easy to celebrate. But if you've followed along for awhile or even a short while you've noticed our need for hair accessories. Bows to be exact! One of the first things Adie does in the morning besides sneak into our room and grab my iPad to binge watch Strawberry Shortcake is always, always pick out a bow! I love her sense of style and I literally need to take modeling lessons from her. Bribe her with cupcakes and the rest is pure magic!

We're excited to be working with Kid to Kid Boutique because they are fabulous. When we got our package I was so excited, opened them with Adie and she immediately picked out her favorites and I fell in love. The quality is perfection, the bows are a soft linen and the best part is the clip is removable! This is huge for me ... you can wear the bow on either side and wash them if they get dirty and believe me I have a handful that totally could use a wash. So fun. I love that they are a group of Mamas making all our little ladies a little cuter with their talent. I am forever hooked and cannot wait to show you the others. But for now here's a sneak peak of what's to come and I pinkie promise you'll love them too. :) In ten days they launch there first collection ... it's amazing and we definitely need every color. 

Happy Shopping -XO