Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nassau in the Bahamas

Finally getting into the back to life routine and I miss the warm sunshine in the Caribbean and have already googled houses in the Bahamas because, why not?! :) I definitely could live the island life with my three favorites. Spending time with family on a big boat, exploring new places always goes by way too fast. Our first stop was Nassau in the Bahamas and we decided to beach it everywhere we went because that's just who we are. Beach bums! After breakfast and we got off the boat and walked ten minutes to the beach which felt like half an hour, with hair braiding, shops and me telling Eric to just get a taxi :) Adie was done being in the sunshine and was hot, Aden was thrilled having Daddy carry him everywhere. Getting to the beach the water was so blue, the sand was so white and we were in love. The water was cool, the coral was bleached white and our tan lines will fade but the memories will last forever. Adie has always loved swimming in the ocean and the Caribbean was no different. Aden, he takes some getting used to, just like his Mama. We saw fish, a sea urchin, and all the coral you could carry kept washing up on shore. Adie found a piece just for me so we made sure it came home with us and Aden! He fell in love with the beach all over again! He's finally put of that eat the sand stage and I could watch him play all day! He kept running around in the sand laughing and saying "running, running Mama!" Literally fills my Mama heart with so much joy! He's still a little water snob, it has to be just right before he gets in and he was ok just beaching it and so was I. 

We spent the morning at the beach before having to back on the boat. Which I still haven't decided how much I like cruises. I don't want to be on a time schedule when it comes to the beach, I want to be there from sun-up until sun-down with my hubby and little people. I love the Bahama vibe, the bright colors and I couldn't get over all of the palm trees! I have loved palm trees as long as I could remember and it still runs deep! Ha! Adie loved finding all of the coral and putting them in a line while Aden ran around messing it up! She is so full of fun and sassy as ever ... but I couldn't get enough of her little wedgie bum splashing around in the bluest water! After our day at the beach we spent most of the sunshine at the kid pool on the boat and had the best time. Ice cream was on repeat, the occasional belly flop and a carousel ride made for the best day. Both little people fell asleep at dinner and our next stop is St.Thomas which I am pretty sure was my favorite stop! XO!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Caribbean Vibes

Happy Monday!! :) We are headed to the Caribbean this weekend which means I still haven't packed or even finished laundry but we are so excited! We've gotten more rain so we are thrilled to be headed somewhere new and sunny! I am excited to see family and have beach adventures with my little baby babes. We fly to Florida, which will be Aden's first time flying, I am a little nervous about it. He's wild! Then we get on a boat ... aaahhhhh! I have never been on a cruise before or to the Caribbean, so I'm super giddy about the white sandy beaches and clear blue water. I really want to swim with the pigs ... totally random but when I saw it on the Bachelorette (I think) I laughed the entire time so I think it would be a way fun experience, especially with Adie and Aden. 

I've rounded up a few of my favorite must haves for the trip and absolutely love those wedges, they come in a few colors and would go perfect with almost anything! Which Adie keeps asking for high-heels since she wears mine around the house nonstop. So I think these little toms wedges would be perfect for her birthday coming up! Two things you can never have too many of going somewhere warm, sunglasses and swimsuits! Target right now has some of the cutest swimsuits for your little people! Grabbed a fun cactus one for Aden and two for Adie, which she insisted on buying four suits but I couldn't resist one at GAP Kids so we have three for the beach! I bought this Ralph Lauren suit in red and I can't wait to wear it! The weekend bag I am swooning over is back ordered in the color I love and under $100. I cannot wait to get it and take mini vacations with my three favorites! I can never have too many sunglasses and am on the hunt for a red and white pair! Give us all your tips for a cruise and the Bahamas ... especially with little people! -XO!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chick-fil-A :: Chicken Salad @ Home

Happy day guys! We have been loving the weather here in So'Cali this week and we are getting anxious for our Caribbean trip coming up in 10 days! But back to food ... Chick-fil-A is almost a weekly thing for us because I only like to cook, like never! Adie knows exactly what to order, which sounds something like this: a kids 4 piece chicken nugget meal with ranch, a frosted whem-o-nade, ranch, french fries with ranch and ranch! :) Do not forget the ranch! Aden always grabs her leftover frozen lemonade and drinks it until the very bottom slurps. I usually get the classic nuggets myself and seriously do not forget the ranch either, but have had the spicy chicken sandwich and the southwest chicken salad! Eric brought grilled chicken nuggets home one day instead of the classic kind and I am literally obsessed. Like every day need them hooked. Everything about them is so much better than the classic nuggets. 

With being a busy (most days) Mama, I never ever eat lunch and if I do its the over priced Jack in the Box Dr. Pepper I picked up after dropping Adie off at school. Eating healthy can be expensive (California expensive) and very time consuming which I have never considered myself a healthy eater. But I do love a good salad and when the drive thru cost for lunch is getting overwhelming this chicken salad is perfect. So this week I grabbed Chick-fil-A's grilled nugget 30 count, yes they have a thirty count and we had to pull over and park to wait for them but so worth it. I figured I can make a yummy healthy salad for lunch at home without all of the prep work and mess. Because I would rather pull Aden around in the wagon and watch Adie dance around in her swimsuit. So with baby spinach and spring greens, peppers, onions and avocado ... chopped grilled chicken, lunch is ready in less than 5 minutes! Five minutes is so ideal because living in the kitchen sucks. I chopped 5 grilled nuggets and sprinkled them over my salad and it was as good as I thought it would be. :) Delicious good. You could really get away with like two and a 1/2 nuggets depending on the size of your salad and how much chicken you want. Eric would prefer his chicken cut into bigger pieces but my salad chopped was my favorite way to go. So for less than five dollars for lunch you are eating healthy without all the work. #winning Warm up the nuggets or keep them cold, either way is really yum. 

Tell us if you are team classic or grilled?! :) ha! Cheers -XO!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adie Today

We have been getting rain every day here in So'California so for the two minutes it stopped me and Adie ran outside for some girl time while the boys slept! It was so fun to get out with just my sweet babes. She is so grown up and so full of sweetness I just cannot get enough of her! She is growing up so fast it hurts. I love that every day brings new stories, new meltdowns and new reasons she has to have another piece of chocolate. She loves the crap out of her brother until he runs into her with his dump truck. But she is the first person he calls for when he wakes up in the morning and my Mama heart literally is so full of little Adie and Aden hearts. Its the cutest thing to start our mornings, she'll tell him, "just a minute Aden, let me brush my hair!" She wakes up early and comes in our room and grabs my phone, snuggles in my bed and watches Goldie and Bear! 

I have seen her grow so much in Pre-K and her excitement is contagious. She was so excited to tell me that she knows the Pledge of Allegiance. If she wears anything new, pink or sparkly she tells me her friends are just going to die when they see it. She gives more than a hundred and ten percent when she practises writing her abc's and numbers. Some are backwards, some are ginormaous and she is always so proud when they are perfect! She loves writing all of our names and all of the words she knows how to spell, which are: book, orange, pizza! Her backpack is still my favorite thing ever about her starting school ... it just fits her little personality. Aden now keeps saying, "Adie! Adie!" when we drop her off, so I know he misses her. Its the funnest to pick her up because she is so excited to see you and she tells you, "I don't know!" when you ask her what she did in school today. hashtag every time

She has made so many new friends this last year and it makes my whole world. Nothing is better than her asking to play with her friends. She has a sweet little friend Addie and they are the cutest!!! I hope they are BFF's for life :) Seeing her with other four-year-olds reassures me I am doing it all right! ha ...  She really is surrounded by the best people and I feel so fortunate as a Mommy. But I always remind her Aden will always be her best friend for life. Makes me want like two more babies so they all can be little best friends. She lives for play-dates and secretly so do I because we literally laugh (mostly) the entire time and its so good for the soul. - Her style is one of my favorite things, EVER! She literally can rock anything and I love it. Her outfit from today is from Target, don't you guys just love the Cat & Jack collection?!?! Every time! She loves skirts, dresses (especially if it twirls) my wedges, and bows! So my girl. Today I painted her nails and she tells me, "I have a wedge Mama!" ha I just die and take care of my girl. :)

I will always remember how much I wished for her, how excited I was when I found out she was a girl and how incredibly lucky I feel to be her Mama! She was so meant for me even on my days when I feel completely defeated and the mom-guilt is suffocating, like when she says, "Oh shits!" when we missed the bakery for cookies today ... she was meant for ME! I love you my Adie babes forever and forever! -XO!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentine's Day

We have been unplugged since the New Year focusing on our little family and its been SO great and so very needed! I am excited to share with you a little DIY Valentine's for your little people at home or a fun girl's night watching the Bachelor! :) This year we will be on a boat in the Caribbean for Valentine's Day so I'm thinking of spreading a little love for my baby babes before we leave. Of course Pinterest is filled with everything you need for a fun Valentines and I got some major inspiration here and here for this easy DIY! The fortune cookies literally stole my heart! They are so easy to make and you can personalize the message. So fun! I decided to use pictures of my little sweethearts filled with Mama love notes! Adie literally rocks our world every day and I cannot get enough of her giggly stories. Aden is wild! But we love his guts completely and Eric and I are always telling each other that we have like the best kids ... EVER! ;) You can really personalize your fortune cookies which I love, a box of these to the Grandparents would be the best. Filled with little memory messages that would brighten any day. So easy, all I did was use my favorite site for creating, PicMonkey and uploaded a picture. Set it to black and white (under effects), used the round shape cutouts (under frames) and saved it to my computer to print. Follow the instructions here and you have the cutest fortune cookies. A little helpful tip: when making the crease for your fortune cookie, really make it a good one, it helps for folding.

We love popcorn at our house and this is a fun way to share it with those you love all month long! Print any of these or all three, wrap it into a cone, add a few pieces of tape and fill with your favorite popcorn. For a girl's night you could have different flavors like butter, salted only, white cheddar popcorn (my favorite) and kettle corn to have a variety watching the Bachelor. Which I fell asleep catching up ... so I still need to see what crazy went on. I gave one to Aden and he ate some, gave some to teddy and then chucked it on the floor and kept saying, "UH-OH! UH-OH!" He makes me crazy but I am so crazy about him. So simple and so stinking cute. 

I hope you guys find a fun way to share the love this Valentine's :) Making these little holidays special is what makes my Mama heart so happy! -XO