Thursday, July 21, 2016

Weekend in Arizona

After getting back from SLC we made a quick trip to Arizona to visit family and most important to see my Papa. Memories are made at Grandparent's houses, being back at my Grandparents brought back so many memories. When we were younger we would do sleep overs and I remember when my parents came to pick us up we begged to stay another night! My Grams would always brush our hair and put it in a ponytail just like we loved. We would always make oatmeal cookies from my Dad's recipe from when he was a kid. I remember making quilts, Christmas decorations and playing dress up with all of my Grams old freaking awesome clothes and shoes. 

Papa's are like Dad's that never say no. Our Papa is the best example of family and every day is a day concord! We love you Papa!

We stayed at my parents house and to beat the heat we ate popsicles, had a water balloon fight and Aden loves drinking from water bottles. We loved seeing Aunts and Uncles and little cousins! I could watch my babies play all day ... wait I kind of do that already! ;) Aden was obsessed with walking in the rocks and playing with Adie in the little playhouse. Plus I cannot wait to tell you more about his freaking cute pants that at first I didn't think I liked but now I couldn't LOVE them more. Aden is so into pushing/dragging things and the little airplane was no different. The next day we got ready, visited with our Uncle Dave and went to Little Anthony's for lunch! Such a fun place, the pizza is my favorite and bummed I forgot the leftovers! We won free scoops of ice cream for answering trivia and played Feed Big Burtha! After lunch we drove by the LDS Tucson Temple and it is stunning! Just looking at it brings such peace. I cannot wait to go back when it is finished for the open house. 

I forgot how HOT it is in Tucson, I was dying but my new favorite dress was totally the trick to keeping cool! Nordstrom is by far my favorite ever to shop at and right now with their Semi-Annual Sale ... eeek! We had a water balloon fight, Aden hated it, Eric got wet because he just sat there and me and Adie played with Papa and Nana! She literally is the best to have fun with! She kept going after my Dad to get him wet and I was dying. I love how he totally let her too! She kept telling him it was his turn to jump over the sprinkler ball! Aden held on to two little water balloons and cried every time water sprinkled on him! Just like any Arizona storm they make the air smell like rain, the wind kicks in and the sky gets dark for like two seconds. Uncle Dave gave Adie a headlight and she was totally all over it. Kept asking if we could see her when she turned it on. Then my Dad gave her walkie talkies and they went outside to play with them and Adie was hilarious. She told my Dad he was going down and kept saying I can hear you talking! Needless to say they came home with us and extra batteries :) Our trip was too short but full of memories and laughter. Next time we need to stay longer and when it's a little cooler. 

 Over and out!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Donuts with Little Foot Clothing Co

Today I took Adie and Aden to Central Park in So'Cal and it was a hot hour of donuts, spilled milk, pushing Adie on the swings as high as I could and watching Aden try and climb up the slide. I love that they can play together but taking two kids to the park is crazy, one wants pushed higher and the other one is running after someone else's drinks on the bench. Eric met us at the park and donuts are best eaten on the grass with your three favorites. 

One of my favorite things is comfy clothes for my little people and that's why we love LITTLE FOOT CLOTHING CO. LFC is a children's clothing store that features hip and modern apparel for your little ones. Little Foot Clothing Co's style is for the modern and edgy youngster! They create their own patterns and use unique prints that you can’t find in any retail store. All items are handmade with lots of love for your little babes here in sunny California. Their children's clothing store is high quality and sizes start from newborn to your six year old.. Their mission is to dress your youth to make them feel stylish and confident!

We partnered up with Little Foot Clothing Co and love that my little babes can still be active on the playground in style. Adie has been in love with her unicorn baseball tee and even wears it to bed. She is in LOVE! I have washed these outfits a handful of times now and they still look new and hold their color/shape. Nothing is worse than when the tees shrink ... so this is a win in our house. The pants are one of my favorites, super light weight and perfect for any occasion really! I love that they have a selection that's unisex becasue they look stinking cute on both girls and boys. 

I grabbed a few of my favorites from their website and created the perfect outfit for your little babes this summer. I love pairing a comfy tee with a girly skirt and the way Adie plays it's perfect for her races she insists she wins. I am always all about hair accessories and cannot get over the style of these headbands!!! LOVE ALL OF IT! I would pair this outfit with either sandals or these to DIE for slip ons for an easy get out of the house routine! I would definitely rock this outfit myself and call it my mom uniform (instead of my every day sweats)!

Aden absolutely loves his little plush dino from Peek Kids and this dinosaur tank caught my eye and with his little tan would look so stinking cute! One of my favorite accessories for little boys is hats, if they can keep them on. I have loved our Jack & Winn hat from the minute it showed up on our doorstep! We actually lost it at Universal Studios, Aden took it off while I was pushing him in the stroller and it was my mission to find it and we left without it. I was so sad ... but it literally showed up from the UPS guy the next day! How amazing and awesome is that?!?! So it's our lucky little hat and its so cute! I love the harem style pants on boys so much, especially with a diaper ... makes things look a lot more stylish and less droopy! Cannot believe I don't have Aden in a pair of converse yet... these ones are my favorite and Adie wore them all of the time in pink and with everything when she was his age!

Since I love everything about the beach and California so far, this tank will have to be ours. How cute is the VW bus print? Not to mention I so want the new bus that comes out in 2017 for our family car! Google it, you will instantly want to take a road-trip to California and if you live her you'll want to cruise to the beach this weekend! :) promise! Aden loves anything that makes noise, and this little shark rattle is awesome! Perfect to bring to the beach, in our new family car van!!! Another pair of harem style pants and this pattern is perfect when you want to get away from black and white! The sneakers are my favorite, NB seriously has stepped up their game since I was a kid and thought these were old people shoes! Plus J.Crew has the best selection for your little people!
I love dresses on Adie, she loves the ones that twirl and I love that it's only one thing to pick out for to put on! I love this one since it's black and the sleeves are stripped, basically you can wear any shoe and accessorize with anything for any occasion! The LBD you need in your little girl's closet! I love the orange slice purse, I bought Adie the watermelon one and she loves it and the orange gives this outfit a pop of color! I have been dying to get her a pair of sandals she can just slide on and run out the door or slip on before she heads out in the backyard to ride her scooter and these birkenstocks are my favorite, they are pink and sparkly! Adie goes through stages of wearing jewelry and this necklace is darling. Perfect for an every day outfit and this dress and I know she would get a kick out of the little pineapple on it. 

Happy almost Friday friends, hope you have big plans this weekend!! -XO!