Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentine's Day

We have been unplugged since the New Year focusing on our little family and its been SO great and so very needed! I am excited to share with you a little DIY Valentine's for your little people at home or a fun girl's night watching the Bachelor! :) This year we will be on a boat in the Caribbean for Valentine's Day so I'm thinking of spreading a little love for my baby babes before we leave. Of course Pinterest is filled with everything you need for a fun Valentines and I got some major inspiration here and here for this easy DIY! The fortune cookies literally stole my heart! They are so easy to make and you can personalize the message. So fun! I decided to use pictures of my little sweethearts filled with Mama love notes! Adie literally rocks our world every day and I cannot get enough of her giggly stories. Aden is wild! But we love his guts completely and Eric and I are always telling each other that we have like the best kids ... EVER! ;) You can really personalize your fortune cookies which I love, a box of these to the Grandparents would be the best. Filled with little memory messages that would brighten any day. So easy, all I did was use my favorite site for creating, PicMonkey and uploaded a picture. Set it to black and white (under effects), used the round shape cutouts (under frames) and saved it to my computer to print. Follow the instructions here and you have the cutest fortune cookies. A little helpful tip: when making the crease for your fortune cookie, really make it a good one, it helps for folding.

We love popcorn at our house and this is a fun way to share it with those you love all month long! Print any of these or all three, wrap it into a cone, add a few pieces of tape and fill with your favorite popcorn. For a girl's night you could have different flavors like butter, salted only, white cheddar popcorn (my favorite) and kettle corn to have a variety watching the Bachelor. Which I fell asleep catching up ... so I still need to see what crazy went on. I gave one to Aden and he ate some, gave some to teddy and then chucked it on the floor and kept saying, "UH-OH! UH-OH!" He makes me crazy but I am so crazy about him. So simple and so stinking cute. 

I hope you guys find a fun way to share the love this Valentine's :) Making these little holidays special is what makes my Mama heart so happy! -XO

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happiest New Year!!!

I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing! Last year was amazing, stressful, moments of pure joy, full of heartache and probably one of the hardest years ever. We're a little late to the game but that's ok ... because 2017 is our year for ease, simplicity and more of what matters most, my sweet little family! This year Adie will start kindergarten (enter ugly cry here) and I will have a two year old! He will no longer be a baby and Adie still keeps asking for a sister! This last week since the New Year I've really tried to focus on the joy of being a stay at home mama! Because it isn't always as glamorous as my Instagram (adieandaden) makes it out to be! But when I look back through those picture perfect squares it reminds me that 2016 was amazing and together the four of us got through another year, together. Which is exactly where I want to be!!! Together! I am excited for what this year will bring! a lot more LOVE and less of everything else :) and sharing it along side all of you!!! -XO

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

Happy Christmas, everybody!!!

The hustle and bustle was so worth it this year! Actually online shopping made it a breeze and picking a few things out shopping is still so fun! I love gifting and finding those must haves for our most favorite people ... ever! Most of my family drove up from Arizona, we just missed my Twin and her little family, which made this year extra special. Christmas Eve some of us went to see the movie SING! I loved it and so did Adie, the mama pig was my favorite and was fun to veg out on popcorn and see what cracks Adie up. I made reservations at my new favorite place to get soup, the Yard House ... and the tacos! We ate dinner early, drove through the best neighborhood for lights and listened to Adie and Aden tell us look at every house! Once we got home we had our little people open their (matching) pajama presents and put out cookies for Santa! Adie hung up her stocking and it was the cutest thing ever. I literally was so excited putting presents under the tree, wrapping a few last minute gifts and putting bows on a few special gifts! I sat in front of our tree all lit up, filled with presents and scrolled through Instagram looking at everyone's excitement. 

Christmas morning we tried keeping two little people upstairs while we all got ready for early morning church! Aden was his usual busy boy self playing with his cars, eating almost the entire thing of mints and crawling over all of us but we made it out and headed home to finally open presents! Sneaked the kids up stairs after our family selfie and put into comfy clothes and Aden again was crankenstein crying while Eric carried him down stairs until he saw his new car! Watching their excitement is Christmas enough for me! 

Adie literally loved everything she opened! She was so sincere, and sweet with everything! She fell in love with her doll house (yay!!!), opened a darling dress, the cutest bead set, Cinderella and her horse, and one of her favorites ... a hatchimal. She literally turned red from screaming of excitement that her new friend pecked the egg trying to get out. Aden was pretty much set on his cars from his stocking and wanted nothing nothing to do with unwrapping his gifts! He would line up his cars, push them around and he opened like two gifts and left the rest to me. He loved his car, little lion you ride on, and every car he got! He even loved playing with Adie's stuff too ... just total happiness and it was the best part! Adie was so funny because I told her I had a few more last minute presents to buy and she told me, "whatever I do, do not buy an iPad!" side note: Aden stepped on ours and cracked the screen, it still works and Aden repeatedly tells us that its broke! Christmas morning I unwrapped a new iPad :) just love my little family and their surprises

We made the best turkey dinner and even the leftovers were perfect! Adie and I both made wishes with the wishbone which snapped two even pieces, so here's to two wishes coming true this new year! Pumpkin pie and whipped cream ... a must! Which if you freeze the whipped cream and the scoop spoon fulls on your pie, you'll love it forever! We watched new movies, played with every new toy and made memories that will keep the magic alive until next year! Oh how I want it to last forever and now I feel like I need new decor to replace the Christmas I have to take down. Which I love a good room makeover :) or rearranging!

We still have our tree up, hanging on to Christmas as long as we can! Hope you all had the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS and spent it with your favorites! -XO

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Baby Cubby

Hi guys! Officially now ten days until Christmas and we have been counting down the days ... it's really been so fun with my little people. Christmas movies with hot chocolate, driving around to see lights (great 5 o'clock distraction) and just creating memories like watching Adie dance to the Sugar Plum Fairy song over and over ... and over by the Christmas tree. Magic! I don't know about you guys but we love when we stumble on new places to shop!!! Places to get things for my two littles is my favorite and even better when they carry all of our favorites in one place!!!! The Baby Cubby is literally the best of everything baby! From decor, the best styles for them to wear and baby gear! Eric and I always talk about having another baby and if ... IF we do I know where I will find all our gear! The strollers, highchairs (I currently dread ours and keep it in the garage) and one of our favorite swings ever!!! I've rounded up just a few of my favorites from their site that I am in LOVE with!

First things first, decor, because I love creating spaces we love to live in! We have been in our home now for a year and I feel like we still have SO much work to do!!! The kids rooms are little by little getting there. Aden's room is black and white with splashes of color so that zebra head is to die for! The lion print, even better ... I can already envision it in his room! Adie is all about everything pink and she had a flamingo birthday party last year (you can see more here) so the flamingo, well that's a must! I just love the alphabet print as well and since its aquatic, I need it! It would go perfect with a project we are currently working on!!! I just love it you guys!! Check out more of their decor for your little people's room here. I love my two babes in rompers! Easiest outfit to pick out ever and those hats ... I am literally dying right now! We have a couple Jack & Winn hats and they are the coolest hats. Aden even says hat now and tries to put it on which I am glad he wants to wear it. I grabbed the surf's up tie for Aden's stocking and I am all about that it's a clip on right now for our Dennis the Menace!

Bath time is always wild at our house trying to get both bathed and everything cleaned. I love Baby Cubby's bath toys, they're are so fun. That little whale ... a must! Probably need two since both of my kids will want it at the exact same time and it doesn't need to get any wilder for bath time! Aden is the biggest blanket baby ever. Adie didn't go through this stage, she just took her monkey everywhere with her! But he drags them all over, inside and out! So we have tons of Aden and Anais blankets to keep our little guy happy. Taking Adie to school he insists he needs four or five blankets, his teddy and a car to drop her off five minutes down the road. I cannot wait until they get the flower play mat in ... Adie is all about flowers and this is perfect for after school snacks. Art projects and her new Christmas present from her Grandma KK!!! We have to have that little robot backpack for Aden ... for park dates, road trips and just to carry all his cars around in! I also grabbed a couple books, a bracelet and the cutest colored pencil set for their stockings. I love having one darling place that carries all our favorites. You still have time to grab a few of your favorites in time to put under the tree! Happy shopping and tell us what you're loving! -XO!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December Happenings!

It is already almost the middle of December and its crazy how fast its going! This year I totally committed to being that mom and creating magic for my little babes! And it literally has been the best ... some nights are longer than others especially when Adie wakes up and I have to put her back to bed then run down stairs to set the scene! But it really has brought the Christmas excitement into our home and we have made a ton of new memories that I will forever cherish! Adie is learning more and more about the true meaning of Christmas and it makes my Mama heart burst! On days when I think I am not a good Mom and then I hear her tell the neighbor girl that we celebrate Christmas because its Jesus' birthday and we go to church and girls wear dresses and boys wear ties. I think to myself ... I am doing ok! And on days when we are shopping in Target and Adie yells out, "Look Mama! There's Jesus Christ!" as she points to the People magazine with Brad Pitt on the cover. You know his long hair divorce drama picture! I just love her guts! So all of you Mamas out there, especially the ones reading this ... we are all doing our best and every day is a new day to create magic!

Hart showed up at our house on time (this year) and brought her fun donuts and chocolate milk! She came wrapped in a present! Adie was all giggles and instantly thought maybe it was her! Aden couldn't get enough donuts, he would literally scream at us until they were all on his plate! He is something else! Elfie is exciting but I think the true fun is doing our advent calendar ... every day I have been carefully choosing our days. We've read Christmas stories while eating chocolate chip cookies. We've cleaned out our closets and donated toys, made rootbeer floats and wrote letters to Santa! One of my favorites so far! Adie scooping the ice cream while Aden only wants the rootbeer and shoves your hand away when you try to help him eat the ice cream. I know I wont remember he spilled his on our white rug (my choice of color) but I will remember their laughter and the time we spent together. Some of Hart's surprises are doing good things, like picking up your toys without being asked! Her missions are my favorite!!! 

Adie had her Christmas program at school and that by far is one of my new favorite things for the holidays! She was so awesome up on stage singing! She loved Mr. Grinch and wanted her hair curled and I couldn't have loved her more. One of our days of the advent calendar was to make our own ornaments. Literally doing this every year!!! I think I want to make these ones every year and write the date after they decorate them! Hart took a hot air balloon ride through the house and ended up at our tree and it literally blew (you get it) Adie's mind! She was laughing so hard and I freaking loved every second! Her favorite thing in the mornings now is to see what Hart's doing downstairs! She needs to change it up a bit ;) maybe ballet class in her bathroom! So FUN! She also made it to the tree farm and picked out her own tree which Aden freaked that she borrowed his car. Like every time we went down stirs, yelled, "CAR! MINE!" He is my favorite boy! We have been like crazy busy with our new friends and we love it! Adie's new friend Addie (cute right) and her sisters have been hanging out with each other all week! We had the girls over for a fun cookie decorating play date! Funnest date ever! Girls are s o much fun and I was totally reminded that my Adie is just like all four-year-olds! :) So we're still doing something right! #win Which when I baked the cookies the night before I made a few Elf sized ones and you'll see why when you scroll down. But another huge hit ... Adie kept saying she had frosting on her face! Simple! One of the days of our calendar was to listen to Christmas music and dance and find something that plays music! I went to Home Goods only because I had a gift card ... and ended up spending 60 dollars over the gift card because everything for my little people was a must! That little carousel has been one of the best toys ever! They will sit there and twist it, listen to the music and Aden kisses the lion every time he comes around! :) It's really that darling!

While Adie was at school I had Aden help me wrap sisters present ... he helped pick it out too and I think that's the funnest part of the holidays, finding whoever something that they will love! Wrapping is one of my favorites! I told Aden to put her gift under the tree and he almost made it to the tree before dropping it, so I told him, under the tree, which he then kicked it all the way under! Boys! Hart had another mission for Adie and Aden and then hid in my favorite mask ever! Its from Cancun, Mexico and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's a reminder of our time there and its loud and fun ... I want to add a map of Cancun, the number four and something else to the wall it hangs on but for now its one of Harts hang outs!

Hope you guys are having the best December so far and creating all that magic! Monday will be for sure another fun morning before we are off to school! I love school days! It gives me a little one on one time with each of my little baby babes! Cheers to being merry! -XO!