Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Papa John's Picnic

It is no secret that I don't like to cook, like I dread the five o'clock hour! With Eric's work schedule and feeding two little people dinner is always for the most part thrown together unless it's pizza night! Whenever the doorbell rings at our house Aden goes running to the door screaming pizza! I've always loved Papa John's and with their new gluten-free crust pizza it's still little people approved, just don't forget the ranch.

They delivered, introducing the all-new ancient grains gluten free crust now available at Papa John’s! Crafted from never-frozen dough and ancient grains, including Sorghum, Teff, Amaranth, and Quinoa, their new gluten-free crust with ancient grains is thin and crispy with a uniquely delicious flavor. Order yours here and use coupon code GLTN2T and wait by the door ... ours took less than 25 minutes which with two little people at dinner time is perfect, enough time to make a picnic on the floor for easy clean up! Let us know what you guys think #PJGlutenFreeCrust

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shopping with PushAuto

Ten years, marriage + two kids later ... shopping for our family car has never been more convenient with PushAuto and its so easy! My Mazda (zoom zoom) has taken us to the beach, specifically one trip to San Diego when we got engaged in 2009. I brought both of my babies home in this car and watched them grow up from the rear view mirror. Its been in two accidents + I have always said this is Adie's first car when she turns sixteen. #classic We packed up our family and moved to California and the Mazda has had license plates from three different states. But my little family is growing up and we are running out of room! I managed to get a 5x8 rug + my two babies in the back seat home from Santa Monica because I didn't want to pay shipping. I am cheap when it comes to shipping. With car seats, booster seats plus the entire house the kids bring with them we run out of room fast. Searching for my dream family car has never been easier than with PushAuto. Hanging outside with Aden I can enter all my car demands, get better prices and rates. You can shop multiple dealers and lenders all at the push of a button. Usually within 24 hours dealers are contacting you and you are closer to driving your dream car. Mine has always been the Range Rover (evoque) white with tinted windows obviously :) and take it a step further the Mercedes G-class for 150 thousand! Like every time we see one my two little people yell, "mom's car!" ha! Cannot wait to drive around in something new which Eric is trying to convince me that the new Honda Civic type R is it. Plus I refuse to get anything other than leather because my light colored cloth seats are well used ;) and I never know where the stains come from. #momlife maybe but PushAuto is my go to, on the go for finding that car.

Grab your technology and find your dream car here!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Past Five Years

You are the sweetest gift and I adore you. You are a bright young thing and the whole world is in front of you. Go everywhere. Be brave and strong. Keep your eyes and your ears and most of all your heart open. Look for the goodness all around you and when you feel small in the great big world, be still. Always remember you are loved! No matter how our world changes, you will always be my first. My wish come true baby girl, you are my favorite wish to ever come true!

These past five years I have watched you grow into this amazing little girl who I cannot stop smiling at. You have changed my life in the best way possible. Always jump, skip and twirl through life because you are meant to be happy. You learned to walk run before you turned one and I will always chase after you. You are the example to me, your sweet self is something to hold on tight to. Always do what you love. Continue to do what makes you happy and don't let anyone ever change that. Always know that your point of view is worth sharing even with me. I have learned so much watching you discover everything on your own. Always laugh because your laugh is contagious and only good comes from it. 

Never loose sight with your own beauty because you are the most beautiful little lady I have ever seen. Your sweetness runs so close to the surface and I absolutely adore it. Keep your style because it matches your personality which is one in 7.442 billion! Always remember you are a daughter of God and you are meant to change the world! I will continue to always tell you how lucky I am to be your Mama! You have brought me an irreplaceable joy that I will never be able to explain. My heart is full of the moments we've shared and the memories we've made. And I cannot wait to do the rest together.  I love you Miss Adeline and always remember that together we can do anything! XO

Monday, August 7, 2017

Adie's First Day of Kindergarten

A little piece of my heart was gone for four hours and she rocked every minute of it! She has been so excited to start kindergarten she even told me she was most excited for me to drop her off. She loves her teacher, we met her during kindergarten orientation where we got to see her classroom. Signed up to bring play dough and spent the weekend not thinking about sending her off into the big world with all new possibilities. Monday morning came so fast and we left summer behind and officially have a kindergartner! Adie cried in the car because she didn't want to go and my heart was breaking and Aden kept saying, "Mama, Adie sad!" She finally calmed down and we walked her to her class and waited for her teacher. She hung her backpack up, got in line and that's when I just about bawled. She was so brave and I couldn't have been more proud of her.

After we got home from dropping her off at school which is walking distance (just love that) I uploaded her first day pictures and just sat at the computer crying! Cannot wait for cooler weather so we can actually walk and pick her up, with ice cream cones. Eric reminded me its just like pre-school and she'll be ok, but I can't protect her when she's there and I'm anywhere else. She's going to experience new things, I just hope she knows how brave + smart she truly is. I went and got a manicure (which I totally could get used to) + picked out a jumper for pictures at the beach. Made it back just in time to pick up my girl. She was so stinking cute walking out in her kindergarten hat and a huge smile on her face! I almost cried again ... she did it!!! She met a new friend, loves her teacher and thinks kindergarten is so much cooler than pre-school. Her teacher tells me she is so sweet, takes a great picture and loves to dance! Right there I knew this was going to be the best year! She's in for something kind of awesome!

My wish for her is to always be brave, include everyone and always stand strong ... in every situation. That she will continue to laugh because it is so contagious. That she will never be afraid to speak up and to always choose what is right. To know that she is so loved because Aden for four hours asking where Adie is and when I tell him she's at kindergarten he says. "oh ya!" :) Cheers to the kindergarten milestone and making memories this year.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twist on Twinkies

Hi guys! With back to school just around the corner I'm excited to share I'm partnering with Hostess to share their latest #twistontwinkies! The chocolate cake Twinkies are my favorite because you can never go wrong with chocolate cake. Check out their fun Facebook page here to see their latest innovations! Your favorite snack just got a  whole lot better with a little edible glitter (from your local craft store), a paint brush and stencils! With Twinkies latest creations, the fudge covered Twinkies and the chocolate cake Twinkies, the possibilities are endless. This simple twist on Twinkies from Hostess is what afternoons are made of and with your little people headed back to school your love notes just got yummier! :) A quick way to send cheer to the neighbors, get a laugh out of your five-year-old and spoil the ones you love the most! Celebrating the little moments with Twinkies will be your new favorite snack!

The supplies are simple: at your local craft store ask for edible glitter and you'll be surprised by the aisle. There were so many edible things to choose from and Adie picked the best pink! With two little people at home I knew we had paint brushes laying around but they also sell them in the same aisle. We also have a set of stencils so it was easy to get creative. If you don't have any stencils you could easily print any picture out or your alphabet and use a xacto knife (be careful) and cut out the letters to create a stencil. Head to your local grocery store or in our case Target to grab your box of Twinkies for any occasion! Celebrate your little ones going back to school with a Twinkie note and a glass of milk! I am looking forward to picking up my little kindergartner and listening to her stories with a #twistontwinkies moment. :)