Saturday, March 25, 2017

Aden Today

California is grey skies, a cool breeze that make the palm trees sway and spring is popping up everywhere. We have determined that Aden is our wild one :) my handsome wild boy! When I found out I was pregnant with Aden (a boy) I was kind of bummed because my heart was so set on another girl ... and my heart hurts still for even feeling that way because just look at him! He is everything our little family needed and I cannot love him enough! When we moved to California he was six months old and California looks good on him! He has the blondest hair, tannest skin and he just loves life, but mostly cars. It is a must that cars be with him wherever he goes, at breakfast he makes sure his cars are spread out on the table and in between crash, vroom vroom, he eats. He grabs a car or two for each hand when we take Adie to school or go anywhere in the car. He tells me to put some in my purse and totally remembers they are in there days later ... so weird! He now wants to know the color of every car we pass when we go for walks in the neighborhood and it sounds something like this, "Mama, car! Color Mama car! Color, fast, car fast Mama! It literally either makes you crazy or its the best thing ever. Lunch and dinner are the same, cars and he lines them all out and says, "traffic, Mama traffic!" He is car obsessed!

He is wild and full of energy, like non stop eating snacks, playing with cars, chasing Adie and wanting orange juice. Yogurt is his love language :) which I totally Googled, how much is too much yogurt for a toddler and he loves to read. We usually do our reading when he wakes up, he will grab a book and say, "read it" as he backs up into your lap! He rips out pages, throws them across the room and will sit there and read them to his teddy bear. He loves to be outside, his favorite thing to do is go on walks. That's where he gets to be adventurous, he will hunt down flowers, grab dandelions and almost eat them while he's trying to blow them for wishes and his car obsession continues. A little over half way he will want you to pick him up and carry him until we are almost home then wants down so he can run home and yells, "I'm home, I win!"

If you open your arms to him he will run into them for the best hugs and I can't even handle the way he says, "wuv you!" He says it so soft and sweet my Mama heart literally burst every. single. time. He loves to play hide n' seek, which he will go up to a wall/tree and count one, two, six and seven ... I come and loves when you give him hints of where Adie or Daddy are. He loves his sister and you can see it every day. He will follow her around, laugh with her and tell her no when she wants his cars. He says the last word you say when he's around you, he talks nonstop and it really is the best. He is into playing peek-a-boo and dances when the right song comes on and we all laugh. I love his little wild guts and I feel like one lucky Mama (most days) to be able to squeeze them whenever I want and not miss anything! Being here when they both need me the most is what I was meant to do! I think they are the only two things I am doing right, which not everyone agrees but I sure do! :) 

I never knew how much I could love you! You have completely taken over my whole heart and I love you more and more every day my Aden babes! XO!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

St. Martin or St. Maarten

St. Martin is stunning and full of color! We took an air conditioned taxi ride to the beach and instantly fell in love sitting under an umbrella with my three favorites. The water is the bluest clear and the sand is so white and we couldn't get over how big the waves were that day. We were beached next to the airport so Aden was obsessed with every plane in the sky. He loved being in the sand and even chucked a handful at our neighboring beach bums. I went looking for coconuts and what was beyond the rocks which was breathtaking. I love the ocean and the view was ahh-mazing! Got freaked out from a crab running away, captured the breathtaking views and never wanted to leave. Adie and Eric played in the water while I hung back with not going near the water, Aden. Which I could do every single day of my life. We drank sprites, ate french fries and watched the waves crash over and over. Spending our time on the beaches one of my most favorite things ever, was carrying my little boy as we walked the ocean line. The water would crash on my feet and we both would giggle :) and then he was asleep ... seriously I could do this for the rest of my life! I just love him! Adie is a natural born beach bum, she has always loved the water and playing in the sand. Watching her with Eric makes my Mama heart want to burst. 

Aden fell asleep under the umbrella and watching Adie clinging herself to Eric as they inch out past the waves ... and listening to her laugh is the best. Adie still doesn't like to talk about it ... the waves were big, her floaties came off and she wasn't clinging onto Eric anymore. I have never ran so fast in my life watching another wave crash between the both of them. Like literally Baywatch style ... Eric grabbed her and the first thing she tells me is, "Mama, that was horrible!" Yes, baby girl, it was horrible! Sand everywhere, Aden still sleeping on the lounge chair and she grew up a little that afternoon in St. Martin. My heart is still a little bruised from that afternoon ... and always squeezing my little girl a little tighter every day! We spent the rest of our time in the sand, lounging under the $15 umbrella rental sipping our sprites. We taxied back to the boat and left a little piece of us on the island. My baby babes still have their little tan lines (lucky) and looking back at our pictures we really were spoiled and had the best vacation. I am so thrilled that we took our two little people even when at times it felt more like our every day than a vacation. They are so worth it ... every single minute of it! Our tan lines will fade but our memories will last a lifetime!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Afternoon Snack

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a quick, fun and healthy snack (or lunch) for your little people! It seems like we snack more than actually sitting down to eat minus our Chipotle stops. I love finding new ways to get my kids to eat. Adie loved everything about the stars and peanut butter frosting. We are finally getting sunshine in So'Cali and that means we have been eating outside every chance we get. Everything is so stinking easy to make for an afternoon of giggles and healthy eating. I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and used a small star cookie cutter to cut out the mini sandwiches. Cut green grapes in half and put both star sandwiches and grapes on a kabob stick. So easy and very kid friendly! Cut up a banana, frost them with peanut butter and sprinkle almonds with dark chocolate. Adie loves strawberry jelly and I cannot even ... she kept having me try them because they are so yummy. The bananas are my favorite and if Aden wasn't napping he would be obsessed. 

Excited to get our (small) backyard filled with plants, playhouse and lights! I have been on the hunt for an outdoor playhouse and I totally want to turn it into a beach house for my little people. Surfboard included with their names on it! So excited ... we will be spending more time outside this Spring because fresh air is like magic for little people! I cannot wait for Spring, I love all the colors, what it means and we will be going to Arizona for Easter! Yay! Then we will be kicking off the summer with birthdays ... I love everything about celebrating Adie and Aden! :) Happy snacking and cheers to sunshine during lunchtime. -XO!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

St. Thomas

I could become an island mama living in St. Thomas with my three favorites and be completely in love with it. St. Thomas was my favorite island we went to! Most of all, the memories I have now with Adie and Aden, I will treasure forever. Aden completely fell in love with the water and running through it with him was the best thing, ever! His laugh, the ocean splashing our faces and holding his hand ... a Mama's dream. When we got off the boat we did a little shopping waiting for the rest of our family when Adie got the cutest little mermaid and a little Caribbean St. Thomas shirt for Aden. We took a truck ride to Magen's Bay where the water was the bluest, the sand was warm and I fell in love. Adie loved being in the water! Swimming in the ocean (still close to land ha) is so amazing, especially seeing how clear the water is. We saw a new fish swimming with us (maybe the trumpet fish) and Aden loved when Eric through him up in the air. He would laugh so much and say, "again again!" Love him like crazy. 

Paddle boarding is by far one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. Boarding in the ocean is definitely a different experience than my usual Bear Lake paddles. The water was crystal clear, I saw schools of fish swimming, the sand at the bottom of the ocean and getting my board was hilarious. I went to the little store shack on the beach and she sent me to another place but before I left I grabbed my new favorite hat which I wore on the plane ride home. :) So I am dragging this long board by a rope which then is along side me in the water and I am dodging kids and people on the beach. So I pick the board up and am almost ready to push it out in the ocean where we were all beached at ... when the lifeguard tells me I have to go back where I rented it and push off. So I carry the board and paddle all the way back and finally push off into the ocean. Paddled and paddled. Sat on the board and visited with our fun family then headed back to the rental shack. I couldn't get back without the board going in circles, it took me forever to get back and just as I am about to hop off and drag the board back I hear the guy yelling, "hey honey, you're on the board backwards!" I died! Totally makes sense paddling back to the beach ... total blonde moment :) 

Carrying Aden and walking the beach was one of my favorite things about St. Thomas! He would be so tired and snuggle with me with sunshine kisses. He's my little (not so) baby and I could carry him for hours, especially walking in that white sand and listening to the ocean. Adie fell asleep on the beach waiting for her grilled cheese and sprite so Eric and I walked the beach before we went to town for shopping. I cannot get over all of the palm trees ... my favorite! We walked the streets of bright colored buildings and Adie got a new pair of pearl earrings from Grandpa before we made it back on the boat. St. Thomas you are my favorite and I could fall in love with you all over again!