Friday, May 19, 2017

Birthday Wishlist for (little) Him

Ten days to be exact until my wild baby turns two! This time almost two years ago I was 40 pounds heavier and so ready to have a baby! A sweet boy that everyone told me would steal my heart! I cannot ever say enough how much I love him ... I will never be able to explain it. I'm sure you Mama's know exactly what I am talking about. :) Finishing up a few things for his party next weekend! Doing a trial run on his birthday cake this weekend because I have never made a birthday cake so it'll be so fun! Chocolate cake with chocolate chips ... YUM! A little white frosting and we are ready for a party! I am so excited, he has been singing happy birthday which is the cutest thing ever. Eric and I decided that this year we are getting our kids one gift because they need more of us and less toys. Such a hard balance as parents ... because who doesn't love getting spoiled?! But I've rounded up a few fun gifts that would be perfect for our little guy. 

He lives, eats and breathes cars every. single. day! He says it the first thing when he wakes up and carries them everywhere. He has a few favorites and some of them are the $3.00 party package of plastic pull back cars from Target. WIN! But that black and white windy road is the best thing ever. He would literally be in heaven laying on his little tummy creating traffic. Cutest thing ever. I love the idea of the table and chairs (also a bench) for him to sit and plays ... cars! He sits at our kitchen table for hours and just creates lines, traffic and parking with his cars. Then he ends up on the table and we all have a mini stroke! Plus the color is just right. And lets talk about those plates! He probably would never eat his breakfast with those but they are so fun and H&M has them for a steal! 

Currently Aden has 5466559 cars and the toy chest is perfect for all of the big stuff that he still loves but I am always finding somewhere to stash it! Actually both of my little people need one in their rooms to keep their closets clean!! Plus what an easy way for them to help clean up so I am not feeling like Cinderella all day! So I am dying over this scooter for Aden and think I have convinced Eric that Aden will love it! Its a balance bike and completely his style (or mine ha!) and Amazon prime will get it here just in time for his party and a giant bow will make his whole day! I cannot wait ... having a rockstar from our ward make car cookies ... car cookies!!! He'll die and rootbeer with a few of his favorite treats or as he says "sacks mama, sacks!" Which I am thinking chocolate, goldfish, nuts and more chocolate.

This little plush dinosaur is just as cute! These blocks are perfect for adventure and cars! Cannot wait to celebrate my little handsome boy next weekend! -XO!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kid Friendly Living Space

Happy almost Friday (an hour and a half to be exact) babes! Excited to show you a little kid friendly living space inspiration! Every room in our home I have the perfect style all wrapped up in my head of how I want it to look! Right now the room connected to our kitchen with a fireplace that so desperately needs remodeled is empty! I lied, it has three baskets of laundry and our rocking chair and eight of Aden's cars. I want a place where our guest can sleep, I can get some work done and my little people can still play or I can see them outside through our sliding glass doors. I found some textured brick wallpaper that I think would rock for an updated fireplace. Home Depot and a weekend would do wonders! :)  One thing I love about this room is the sofa! Perfect for snuggles, a nap (maybe) and it folds down into a bed ... perfect! We have had family come and stay and our air mattress continues to loose air, I have no idea, its the worst! I love anything beachy, especially the colors and this room is just that. The rug!!! I am literally drooling over, texture, color and the name in itself was made just for me! I want it in the biggest size so it covers most of the floor layered with a soft faux fur rug. Most likely under the desk so it doesn't get completely dirty. 

The desk I have had my eye on it for months ... and its perfect for our laptop and a few accessories. Right now I just move our laptop from room to room and its occasionally on the floor so this is ideal for the space. A long wall needs pictures and I am thinking a gallery wall  ... palm trees and all of our pictures at the beach would be so fun! Black and white ... and pops of color! I need another beach day and so does my tan! ha! Also loving the simplified planners and need something desperately to keep myself and my three favorites a little more organized. I can only remember so much and right now my gym classes are plugged into my phone and I love it! A big wooden coffee table seems like it will hold up with my little people. I can imagine Aden playing traffic with his cars and Adie drawing her favorite pictures on it. I love accessorizing and finding the right piece for the right place is accomplishment! Loving the gold flamingo for the desk because this chair needs to be in this space too! Right?! I bought an indoor plant from Home Depot a few months ago and its still alive so I think we could move up to this cactus because Eric loves cactus! And low maintenance! #winning 

I one hundred percent think every room needs a wooden stump :) others would disagree but they work for anything! And brings a little outdoors into your space and its neutral which pretty much goes with everything! Loving all the vases from West Elm and Crate and Barrel so all you need to do is pick one or in my case I want three! The textured ones are my favorite and add a little greenery and your room is pretty much ready for guests and laughter. Also adding a fun fan, gold fish heads to the wall and throw pillows for pillow fights! The mantel is always a project and think a few more vases with layering pictures, large pictures printed! 

I bought a new camera lens that I have been dying to get but still don't know my camera 100% but wanted to do some fashion posts! Which I am not sure if I trust my husband to take them but we'll see, I do have a tripod ha ha! Let me know what you think in the comments ... I just am loving the fashion trends right now ... like obsessed! Hope you guys have fun weekend plans! -XO!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Five Things I've Learned Being a Mama

I get to experience the happiest feelings of my childhood all over again, but through their eyes. So I get a double-dose of happiness: I get to remember the good times I had and I get to see the people I love more than anything in the world experience it, too. Most often, I get to provide those experiences and it's the best, ever! I absolutely love being a Mommy, because it just keeps getting better and better. Just when I thought I couldn't be any prouder, or my heart couldn't possibly hold any more love, my two little favorites do something completely new that leaves me in awe all over again. I  am completely lucky to be called Mommy!

1. There's no going back! The sleep, the freedom to just get up and go, even eating chocolate for breakfast (they always see you) and privacy!!! But I don't even remember those moments because it literally feels like Adie and Aden have been apart of me for my entire life! And that's how I know, this is what I am supposed to be doing ... being a Mama!

2. At the end of the day, when you are beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t do, and all the things you wish you hadn't done, stop. Stop and start to list the blessings. Every single day we have with our children is a gift. Even the bad stuff, is wonderful. Even the messy and the crazy and the awful and the gut wrenching, is beautiful. This, more than anything else, has been my greatest lesson as a Mama so far.

3. We literally loose ourselves in doing everything for our children (and husbands) especially at the beginning stages of being a Mama. I literally live in sweats more days than I actually get ready and it makes Eric crazy! :) I can get ready in an hour with no interruptions but with my two little people its more like four hours and then it's Aden's nap time! Nothing like trying to curl your hair when Aden is pulling the cord and Adie is demanding more orange juice. But those days I finally do get ready ... it's a game changer! Don't feel guilty for doing something for yourself (this one is hard for me) because you are totally worth it. 

4. I don't have to yell to make my kids listen! From very early on we have always explained everything to Adie and Aden. I always give them options and the most common phrase is, "good girls get good things!" Aden isn't in that stage yet of understanding but he does have the best manners EVER! Plus Mama's can literally fix anything with a kiss and hugs are like magic, even for me!

5. To simply enjoy these moments that tend to go by too quickly! I have to remind myself daily that these are the days of our lives! Eric and I were just talking about how fast Aden grew up which makes Adie look even more grown up! Like teenager grown up! To create the magic, make the memories and simply to love the crap out of them! 

Happy Monday and cheers to celebrating being Mamas! -XO!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Wishlist

Feeling all the Mama feels today! Exhausted is at the top ... maybe it's the gym! One thing I always tell Adie is that, she's the one who made me a Mama first and she absolutely loves it! I remember spending our anniversary in Las Vegas and throwing a quarter over my shoulder wishing for her! :) so glad that wish came true. Aden made me a Mama always on my toes because I never thought I would say, "don't drink the bath water!" as a Mommy. I threw throw pillows away because Aden loves shoving his hands down his diaper and it happened to be full of crap ... I cannot even go there! Spot cleaning will never get me to have pillow fights again! EVER! #momlife 

Giving you some ideas of a few things on my Mama's Day wish list for any of you last minute shoppers! I am on a man hunt for the floral stripped jacket from Zara to wear for the big day ... wish me luck. I didn't even know there are FIVE within driving! YAY! That would be enough for Mother's Day :) actually all I want is all the love and hugs from my little baby babes and at least ONE good picture ha ha of the three of us! I always have things sitting in my shopping carts online and the two faux palm leaf branches is on of them from West Elm and it already has a spot in our house. Love anything tropical and that totally works! I think every single Mama out there needs that book of Life Hacks so we can feel like total rockstars when you make a healthy breakfast in the crockpot ... totally scrolled through it and it'll make a perfect gift for any Mama! Platforms are the it shoe this season and I cannot blame them! I am literally dying over these ones and the price so I guess that's why they are on my wishlist ;) eek! 

I am getting bored with one of my favorite sunnies and need a little change for summer and these ones are perfect. Adie graduated this week from preschool and I am so glad I don't have to pack any lunches! Chick-fil-A nuggets made it in her last lunch with ranch! All I am saying. Loving the beaded earrings and these ones are pink and totally affordable which is perfect for everyone! These ones are just as perfect. I have a vision for the space in our house that is currently empty, freshly mopped with a fireplace that needs remolded ... and the flamingo sitting on this desk is part of it!!!! Last, that amazing jacket that I need :) ha! I love the embroidery and the bell sleeves! Seriously this seasons fashion is to die for and want to stop time so I can wear every piece. You can see some of my current cravings here and a little Spring shopping here. All else fails ... chocolates will win my heart!

Hoping you Mama's get spoiled and get lots of squishy hugs and chocolate kisses! -XO!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey Mama

With Mother's Day coming up (this Sunday) I wanted to share a fun breakfast for those Mama's in your life! First things first ... if you don't follow The Alison Show you need to! I love everything about being a Mama even on my worst days. The only thing I bought for this was flowers and printed the place mats for like a dollar at FedEx. This would be a fun girls brunch with your favorite Mama's or even the sweet babysitter. You can print off these fantastic hey mama place mats here and make your special ladies morning! One of my favorite things right now from Anthropologie are these plates! Make a few parfaits, have grapefruits with croissants and your favorite morning or brunch drink! One of the favorites in our house is raspberry lemonade and I am obsessed with the umbrellas from Crate and Barrel. I am hoping to get both my babies and Husband out of the door on time for church and take a nap :) one of my favorite things ever. This is so easy to pull off and now I want place mats for every occasion! 

Sent out birthday invitations today for my sweet baby boy and cannot wait to celebrate him at the end of the month. Currently shopping Nordstrom online for a dress this Sunday (why not, right?!) currently loving this one with this sweater over it because I am always freezing! Always! I also am loving the beaded earrings style and want to rock a pair, going all out if I am getting ready :) nothing literally lifts my mood and self esteem than a shower and doing my hair, the list is longer but I'll keep it short! But whatever you do this weekend I hope its something fabulous and worth spending in the sunshine! + Adie graduates from preschool tomorrow and I have all of the emotions! Hope you guys got a little inspiration to make Sunday beautiful and totally worth celebrating!

Cheers to being a Mama! -XO!